A Parent’s Guide to Behavior Disorders

Parents of children with behavior disorders may sometimes feel at a loss as to how to cope with and change these challenging behaviors. Behavior disorders can strain family relationships and cause problems in school. It’s important for parents to realize that behavior disorders are not the result of “bad parenting” and that there is help available. Teaching appropriate replacement behaviors is possible with intensive therapy.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) aba therapy dallas

Children with ODD display a pattern of frequent defiance, anger, and argumentativeness toward authority figures such as their parents. Typically, the signs of ODD are apparent from a young age. These signs include frequently losing one’s temper, being easily annoyed, refusing to comply with directions or requests, blaming others for one’s own misbehavior, and arguing frequently with others. One-on-one therapy, parent training, and social skills training can help improve symptoms of ODD.

Conduct Disorder

Conduct disorder involves more extreme and serious issues than ODD. It is defined as a pattern of repetitious behavior that violates age-appropriate social rules or the rights of others. Children with conduct disorder may break major rules habitually. For example, they may skip school, run away from home, destroy property, and behave aggressively toward others. Children with conduct disorder typically need to undergo one-on-one therapy and social skills training, and parents may need to implement changes at home.

Impulse Control Disorder

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be more likely to be diagnosed with impulse control disorder. As the name suggests, this behavior disorder involves regular episodes of the loss of self-control, which may lead to explosive verbal outbursts and aggressive behaviors such as property destruction. Typically, behavior modification is recommended for children with impulse control disorder.

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