Communication Practice at Home

Whether your child is just starting to speak, uses a communication device or signs, or is working on speaking in longer sentences, there is always more progress to be made! […]

Watson’s Word Of The Day

Today’s word is: Expressive Communication. Expressive communication refers to the ability to communicate, using verbal language and non-verbal cues, such as gestures and facial expressions. #Autism #ASD #AppliedBehaviorAnalysis #ABAtherapy #earlyintervention […]

Watson’s Word of the Day!

Today’s word is: Gross Motor Gross Motor refers to gross motor skills we use for walking, running, jumping, throwing, lifting, and kicking. Gross motor programs at The Behavior Exchange focus […]

Lots to Love About Naturalistic Training

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to try naturalistic learning with your child. Naturalistic or natural environment training is an ABA therapy method in which skills are taught in a […]

Buddy’s Tips & Bits #28

Put on a puppet show! It’s a fun way to work on imaginative play, cooperative play, and spontaneous language all at once. Search Pinterest for easy ways to make puppets. […]

Today’s word is: Shaping

Shaping is a technique used to teach new behaviors to children. Small approximations of the desired behavior are reinforced and the requirement is gradually increased until the child is independently […]

Tips and Tidbits

Everything’s a teaching moment. Anytime you engage with your child is an opportunity to teach them about something. Naturalistic teaching (teaching in the moment) is a very effective teaching method […]

Can’t sleep? ABA therapy can help!

After the pandemic hit in 2020, many sleep researchers found there was an increasing number of Americans with sleep problems. One researcher even gave it a name: coronasomnia. While many […]