• What Is the Value of Positive Reinforcement?

    One of the behavioral interventions for autism that has stood the test of time is applied behavior analysis (ABA). ABA techniques are geared toward increasing incidences of desired behaviors while reducing undesired behaviors. One of the driving principles behind ABA is the use of positive reinforcement. Here’s a closer look at the importance of positive […]

  • The Quality Divide

    This article brings to light the tragic socioeconomic divide of quality treatment, not just in autism treatment, but with many developmental, mental health issues and more.  We hope one day that the only criteria for receiving quality treatment will be based solely on one thing: NEED.  We partner with agencies, school districts and other organizations […]

  • Pleygo Launches Netflix for Legos

    Published by DailyCandy We’re all for play that cultivates motor skills and a budding interest in technology. We just wish the road to an engineering degree from MIT weren’t paved with forgotten Legos stuck to the bottoms of our feet. Clear the playroom floor with Pleygo. The just-launched company aims to be the Netflix of […]

  • The Benefits of One-on-One Teaching

    When a child is diagnosed with autism or another neurodevelopmental disorder, he ideally receives programs and supports that are customized to meet his unique needs. This program often includes group sessions, family sessions, and one-on-one training. One-on-one training is particularly critical because no two children are alike; the specialist can work directly with each child […]

  • A Closer Look at Asperger’s Syndrome

    Each child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experiences the disorder in a unique way. Asperger’s syndrome is one of the neurodevelopmental disorders that falls on the spectrum. If your child is diagnosed with Asperger’s or another autism spectrum disorder, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the issues involved. Become an informed advocate for your child […]

  • Summer Activities for Kids

    Summers coming!! Find activities of mutual interest to enjoy with your child. If they like swimming, get in the pool! If they like the park, swing next to them.  If they love to draw, draw their favorite character or get a simple step-by-step drawing book that you can both practice with. Building any relationship involves […]

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