• Recognizing Signs of Autism in Infants

    Autism is typically diagnosed after a child is at least 24 months old, and symptoms are often detectable between 12 and 18 months of age. However, ongoing research has unearthed ways of identifying signs of autism in infants who are just a few months old. For example, one sign is inability to make eye contact. […]

  • Starfall ABCs App: An Interactive Way to Teach Your Children the Alphabet

    Children with autism and similar developmental disorders experience many challenges that may interfere with their ability to keep up with their peers in school. Now, parents can give their child an edge by helping them learn the alphabet in an interactive way. Download the Starfall ABCs app for your iPhone or iPad and watch your […]

  • 2014 Dallas Child Camp Fair

    The Behavior Exchange’s 2014 Summer Camps will soon be here. Get your Summer plans started at the 2014 Dallas Child Camp Fair. This Saturday, from 10 am to 3 pm. Come by our booth, say hello and learn about out Summer Camps.  

  • Understanding the Link Between Socialization and Motor Skills in Children with Autism

    Autism is often thought of as a developmental disorder that primarily affects children’s communication skills and social interactions. However, autism can also have an adverse effect on motor skills. Although these areas are typically considered separate from each other, new research indicates that a child’s motor skills can actually directly affect his or her social […]

  • The Result of Excessive Praise

    As a parent, it is important to praise your child for a job well done. However, new research suggests that too much praise can actually weaken children. Take a look at this article from ScienceNordic on the effect of excessive praise on students to find out more. To schedule a consultation and assessment for your […]

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