Apps that Help People with Autism Communicate

Children with autism often struggle with expressive language skills, or the ability to express needs, wants, and feelings. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices can help these children communicate. For example, a child can touch certain symbols, pictures, or words on an app to translate those words into speech.  We always encourage parents and teachers to still require verbalizations, even if they are approximations.

As you’ll learn by watching this “60 Minutes” interview, apps for individuals with autism have already made a significant difference for countless families. You’ll hear an interview with Josh, who is nonverbal, yet is able to communicate extensively with his app. You’ll also hear from therapists, who note that AAC devices such as apps can improve a child’s social skills.

At The Behavior Exchange in Plano, we’re on a mission to reduce frustration for children with autism and improve communication and social skills. Call (972) 312-8733 to  enroll your child in a behavior class  today.

Written By Tammy Cline-Soza, MS, BCBA

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