Exploring the Impacts of Bullying on Kids with Autism

Bullying has significant and long-lasting consequences for any child; however, children with autism may be particularly affected. Children with autism may be bullied because they often have trouble with social skills and they may display other differences.

Watch this video to hear the story of Abby, a young child with Asperger’s syndrome. Abby is an exceptionally smart girl, yet she has social skills deficits. Her classmates bullied her because of her artistic and academic talents, which she says was very distracting and upsetting. In this video, Abby shares a happy ending to her story and offers advice to other children who struggle with bullying.

The compassionate behavior therapists at The Behavior Exchange can help your little one practice important social skills. Parents in the Dallas area can explore our behavior classes by calling (972) 312-8733 or visiting us on the Web .

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