• Understanding Autism Symptoms

    Many parents of children with autism have longed to know how their children perceive the world. Of course, every child is unique, regardless of whether or not he or she has autism. Each child will have a unique perspective on the world. But for children with autism, the way in which they perceive the world […]

  • Tips for Dealing with a Crisis at Home

    Parents of children with autism can work closely with an autism therapist to learn how to implement effective intervention techniques during a crisis situation. When a crisis occurs, the primary focus must be on maintaining the safety of the child and others involved. For a child with autism, a crisis is generally defined as behaviors […]

  • Quick Facts About Autism

    If your child was recently diagnosed with autism, you’re probably trying to learn as much about it as possible. Autism is a developmental disorder that has a broad range of potential symptoms. Communication impairment, behavioral problems, and social issues are common among children with autism. However, it’s important to realize that every individual with autism […]

  • A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Wandering

    Wandering is alarmingly common among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Not only can it be extremely distressing for children and their families, but wandering is also dangerous. Children with autism who wander are more likely to suffer close calls with traffic accidents and drowning incidents, and they may be unable to communicate their situation […]

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