Tips for Dealing with a Crisis at Home

Parents of children with autism can work closely with an autism therapist to learn how to implement effective intervention techniques during a crisis situation. When a crisis occurs, the primary focus must be on maintaining the safety of the child and others involved. For a child with autism, a crisis is generally defined as behaviors that can potentially cause harm to the child or others including aggression and self-injury.  

As you’ll learn by watching this video, you can work with your child’s autism therapist to develop strategies for preventing and coping with future crises. These strategies may include recognizing the triggers for a meltdown and working with an autism therapist to develop an individualized plan with proactive de-escalation strategies.

Families in Plano and the surrounding areas can find the help they need at The Behavior Exchange. Call (972) 312-8733 to schedule a consultation with an autism therapist or visit our website to learn more about our clinically proven approach to facilitating ideal outcomes.

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