Understanding Autism Symptoms

Little boy playing with string

Many parents of children with autism have longed to know how their children perceive the world. Of course, every child is unique, regardless of whether or not he or she has autism. Each child will have a unique perspective on the world. But for children with autism, the way in which they perceive the world is generally quite different from typically developing children. Children with autism often experience sensory imbalances. This can cause them to either be overstimulated or under-stimulated by sensory stimuli, such as lights, noises, textures, and odors.

Children with autism often have difficulty processing information or they focus on irrelevant information. For example, a child with autism may focus on the pattern of the wallpaper, rather than on a conversation. It can be difficult for children with autism to make sense of all the information they’re trying to process. These struggles are thought to be the cause of unusual or disruptive behaviors. Children who engage in these behaviors may be trying to communicate or regain control over their situations.

With the help of the autism therapists at The Behavior Exchange, your family can develop a better understanding of your child and his or her unique needs. Call (972) 312-8733 to learn about our behavior classes near Dallas.

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