Tips for Traveling with Your Child with Autism

Traveling with a child who displays signs of autism can be challenging, particularly if the child still requires a car seat. Children with autism may resist the straps of the car seat and attempt to get out of the seat while the car is in motion. It can be especially trying to get a child with autism in and out of a car seat. An ABA therapist may recommend taking the car seat out of the vehicle, bringing it indoors, and practicing each step of getting in and out of it. Children who are averse to the straps may build up tolerance gradually, such as by first learning to tolerate a piece of cloth over the shoulder.

You can hear more helpful tips by watching this interaction between an autism specialist and a mother who has a child with autism. They discuss the common challenges related to car travel and brainstorm some solutions that may help your family.

To consult an ABA therapist near Plano about your travel-related difficulties, call The Behavior Exchange at (888) 716-8084. Our autism treatment center works collaboratively with families to teach them how to implement consistent interventions for behavior disorders.

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