• Use This App to Help Your Child Understand Autism

    Autism is a condition that is surrounded by stigma and misunderstanding, so it is important to have resources that can educate your child with autism as well as siblings, friends, and family members. The Sesame Street and Autism app can serve as a helpful resource with articles about autism, strategies for communicating with your child, […]

  • Finding Support for the Siblings of Children with Autism

    Each parent may have a unique reaction to a diagnosis of autism. Although the child with autism is still the same, sweet little boy or girl, the presence of autism symptoms does mean that he or she will need some extra help and attention. This change in family dynamics can be difficult for siblings in […]

  • What to Expect the Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis Process

    Unlike many conditions, there is no available blood test, diagnostic imaging scan, or other medical tests that can definitively diagnose autism spectrum disorders . Despite this, diagnosing autism as early as possible is imperative. When parents receive an autism diagnosis early in the child’s life, they can quickly arrange for early intervention services that will […]

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