Autism Key Facts and Figures

autism therapy Plano Autism is a behavioral disorder that can significantly impair social and communication skills, resulting in difficulty in school and throughout life. While there is still much to be learned about autism, there are some clear facts and statistics that might better your understanding of this condition so that you are able to find the appropriate treatment for your child.

About 3.5 million Americans live with some type of autism spectrum disorder, and the cost of care for this population is very high. Overall, autism services cost between $236 billion and $262 billion annually. The majority of these costs is seen in adult services, which is why early diagnoses and care throughout childhood are essential. With earlier intervention, individuals with autism will have greater opportunities for school success, which will have a lifelong impact.

If you are seeking care for your child with autism, The Behavior Exchange can help with applied behavioral analysis , social skills groups, and our Early-Start Program. To connect with us in Plano, call (888) 716-8084 today.

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