• How Parents Can Fight Back Against Isolation After an Autism Diagnosis

    Parents of children with autism face daily struggles in virtually all areas of life. It isn’t uncommon for parents to feel isolated from their extended families and friends simply because these individuals may not grasp the full scope of the challenges. Parents may feel alone in their struggles to deal with schools and child care, […]

  • Signs of Undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder in Older Children

    The signs of autism can be detected very early in life. ABA therapists tend to agree that the sooner autism is detected and interventions begun, the better the outcome is likely to be. However, autism can cause less noticeable differences that may not be readily observed until the child is in a classroom setting. Teachers […]

  • Getting an Early Start on Autism Therapy

    Research demonstrates that children with autism who receive early intervention services tend to have better outcomes. At The Behavior Exchange, our ABA therapists are dedicated to helping each child with autism get off to a great start in life. The Behavior Exchange Early Start (B.E.E.S.) Program was designed specifically for preschool children. It is a […]

  • How Is High-Functioning Autism Defined?

    Diagnosing a child with high-functioning autism can prove challenging because these children tend to have only a few developmental differences and generally function well across multiple areas. It can be particularly difficult for parents to pick up on the possible signs of high-functioning autism when these children display higher intelligence and certain advanced skills that […]

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