• Eye-Opening Strategies to Decrease Sleep Difficulties in Kids with Autism

    A solid night’s sleep is essential for good health and quality of life, but many children with autism struggle to sleep soundly through the night. This can create problems for the whole family. If your child has been having problems getting to sleep or staying asleep, talk to an ABA therapist about effective solutions. Use […]

  • Recognizing the Importance of Parent Training

    After your child is diagnosed with autism, an ABA therapist can develop an effective plan for helping your child overcome obstacles. However, children with autism need support around the clock, which is why parent training is so crucial. At The Behavior Exchange, our ABA therapists implement effective parent training programs that empower families as they […]

  • Creating a Safety Plan for Your Child with Autism

    Parents of soon-to-be toddlers generally expect that they’ll need to use safety gates and otherwise childproof the home for a few years. But when a family is affected by autism, safety will always be a primary concern. Some children with autism may wander off, which may lead to fatal accidents at swimming pools and roadways. […]

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