How Do ABA Therapists Set Goals?

ABA therapy is an evidence-based method of replacing undesirable behaviors with desired behaviors. An important part of developing an autism treatment plan is goal-setting. First, the ABA therapist conducts a thorough assessment of the child’s strengths and deficits. This assessment is used to determine which specific skills the child needs to learn. In light of the child’s age, level of functioning, needs of the family, and any other relevant factors, the therapist lists the skills according to priority. The therapist will also consider how many hours of ABA therapy per week the child can receive when deciding which skills to teach first.

Although every child has unique needs, ABA therapists often prioritize the skills that empower the child to communicate. The skills that the child will need to be a successful student are also typically prioritized.

ABA therapists are available near Plano to help your child improve his or her capabilities and enjoy a higher quality of life. Call The Behavior Exchange at (888) 716-8084 to request a consultation.

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