Explaining Autism to a Younger Sibling

If you have a child with autism, explaining the diagnosis to your other children is one part of working together as a family. When the sibling in question is younger than your child with autism, this process can be challenging, as you will decide what information is appropriate to share at what point in your younger child’s development. This information can help.  

Before age seven, younger children may struggle with concrete information about autism and may do better with your simply answering questions and providing reassurance on an as-needed basis. As children get older, you can begin by explaining what autism is and how it impacts the affected child. Remind all siblings that it is your responsibility to be the parent, not theirs and that you are always available to answer questions.  

Getting children involved in family therapy can be as important as getting your child with autism into a program at an autism treatment center. At The Behavior Exchange, we offer support for the whole family along with ABA therapists in Plano for kids with autism. To find out more about our services, call (888) 716-8084.

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