• Happy Thanksgiving!

    Dear Families, Your support this year has meant so much to us here at The Behavior Exchange. Your trust and confidence in our mission gives us the strength to overcome any challenge. Please know, that as we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with our families, we’ll be giving thanks for YOU and wishing you and […]

  • ABA Therapy and Behavior Functions

    A Quick Guide for Parents Like other sciences, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has unique terminology that becomes second nature for professionals in the field. But for everyone else, it can sound like a foreign language. So, for all the wonderful parents out there who are new to ABA therapy or just want a refresher, this […]

  • Buddy’s Tips & Bits #22

    Avoid being a broken record.Give your child an instruction instead of a choice. When they need to complete a task, avoid phrasing it as a question. For example: Say, “Time to brush your teeth,” instead of, “Do you want to brush your teeth?”

  • Today’s word is: Behavior Therapists.

    Behavior Therapists are the caring professionals who work with our clients on a daily basis. They’re responsible for implementing a child’s individual treatment plan and accurately recording data that our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) use to ensure children are reaching their goals. #Autism #ASD #AppliedBehaviorAnalysis #ABAtherapy #earlyintervention #thebehaviorexchange #PlanoTexas #FriscoTexas #DFW #Dallas #autismawareness #autismacceptance […]

  • Holiday Season: ‘Tis Family Road Trip Time.

    As the holiday season approaches, many families are planning road trips to avoid crowded airports. Between the lack of a predictable routine and being stuck sitting for long periods of time, road trips can be a source of stress for all children particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are some things you can do […]

  • Avoiding Bumps in the Road:

    Five Tips for Keeping Children with Autism Safely Seated in the Car. Parents who have a child with autism understand what a challenge it can be to keep them seated and secure when riding in the car. If your child is like mine, a short trip to the grocery store can quickly turn into a […]

  • Buddy’s Tips & Bits #21

    Avoid being a broken record. When asking your child to do something and they don’t follow through, remember they process things differently. For example: Instead of repeating yourself, try rephrasing it. Changing one or two words can change how your child will process the information.

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