Spring Break Fun!

Make the week one to remember.

The sun is shining brighter, the days are getting longer, and that means Spring break is just around the corner. For many families, Spring break is an opportunity for travel and exciting new experiences. When you have a child with special needs, doing a little extra planning before your trip can help ensure happy memories of this special time together for years to come.


— Make sure to bring your child’s favorite toys, activities, and comfort items. Travel can involve extended waiting times at airports, in the car, and in lines at restaurants and amusement parks.

— New experiences are exciting but can sometimes be overwhelming for children with special needs. Therefore, do some extra priming before and during your trip. Talk to your child about what is coming up next, who you will see, and what behavior you expect from them. Then reward them for being good, brave, and openminded.

 Pack extras of essential items and bring a list to make sure they all make it back home with you.

— Let new people you meet know about the needs of your family. When you explain in advance sometimes waiting times can be reduced, seating can be adjusted, and people are more understanding in general.

— Consider traveling for only part of the break. This can be easier on your child. Plus it gives your whole family some time to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Staying put?

If you do not plan to travel this Spring Break, explore your local area and try new activities. Take a nature hike, play at Hope Park in Frisco, go to a children’s museum, visit during sensory-friendly times at trampoline parks, movie theaters, and other fun activities.

Take-home note

Start packing those suitcases and making your lists. Because a little extra preparation can go a long way towards making this Spring Break comfortable and fun for all of your loved ones!

— Brook Wheetley
Brook is a BCBA and the eLearning Manager at The Behavior Exchange. She finds joy in helping improve the lives of children and families through the tools of behavior analysis. In her spare time, she teaches yoga and competes in country-western dance. At The Behavior Exchange, our autism therapists only use evidence-based, proven ABA techniques, so you can feel confident in your child’s therapy plan. We welcome your call at 972.755.3802.





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