The Perks of Early Intervention for Children with Autism

Autism experts have long agreed that early intervention is critical for children with autism. Scientific studies have demonstrated that by enrolling your child in behavior classes that use applied behavior analysis (ABA) and other evidence-based practices, you are much more likely to see better outcomes for your child. If you feel that your child is developing differently, it’s never too early to consider having him or her screened for autism. Early intervention therapies may help with the following areas.


Building Language Skills
Many children with autism struggle with their expressive language skills, which refer to written and verbal expressions. Many also have difficulty with pragmatic language skills, which refer to the use of language in a social framework, such as making eye contact during conversations. These language deficits can make it challenging for your child to communicate his or her needs and wants. With early intervention therapies, your child can learn language skills and enjoy a positive experience with communication, thereby greatly reducing his or her frustration.

Improving Behavioral Issues
Children with autism often engage in atypical behaviors, such as repetitive movements. By working closely with an autism specialist, your child can learn to engage in more productive and meaningful activities instead. Some parents also seek early intervention therapies because they struggle to understand how to effectively deal with their child’s tantrums. Children with autism often have tantrums not because they intend to misbehave, but rather because they cannot cope well with external stimuli or they cannot adapt to changes in routine.  Early intervention services can help your child  learn to adapt to new situations and respond appropriately to stimuli.

Enhancing Social Connections
By building new language skills and improving behavioral issues, your child can also enjoy a third crucial benefit. Improvement in these areas lends itself to building healthy social relationships, both with peers and with adults. With ABA techniques, children can learn social skills and etiquette rules to interact appropriately with others.

If you have any questions about the benefits of early intervention therapies for your child, call  The Behavior Exchange  of Dallas. Our caring and highly trained staff is dedicated to helping your child reach his or her full potential. You can reach us at (972) 312-8733 or visit our website for more information. 

Written By Tammy Cline-Soza, MS, BCBA





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