Tips for Preventing Wandering In Children with Autism

Many children with autism wander off because they are simply curious and wish to explore a certain area or because they wish to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Parents can use prevention measures to reduce the risk of elopement and plan ahead to develop strategies of finding the child in the event that he or she does become lost. Implement safety measures on your house, such as installing deadbolt locks, a fence around the perimeter, and childproof latches on the windows. Some parents even place a poster on the insides of all doors stylized like a stop sign. You could also work with our autism specialist to teach your child to respond in a certain way to his or her name being called.

Locking a Deadbolt

If your child will tolerate it, consider placing a medical ID bracelet with contact information on his or her wrist. Some parents even attach a small GPS device to their children’s belts. You may also wish to print flyers with your child’s picture, name, and your contact information. Distribute them to every household in your neighborhood and talk to the other parents about the risks of wandering in children with autism.

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Written By Tammy Cline-Soza, MS, BCBA





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