What Is ABA Therapy?

Autism spectrum disorders and other behavioral disorders that children may face are best managed with a hands-on, ongoing approach utilizing therapies that produce consistent, measurable results. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is a proven method in treating autism and related disorders that has been developed through more than four decades of applied research and case studies. At The Behavior Exchange in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ABA is at the center of each program offered. These programs are intended to provide assistance in academic life and social interactions to give children greater opportunities for learning and discovering their unique talents. Below, you’ll get a closer look at the principles of ABA therapy to see how your child may benefit from this method.

Evaluating behaviors aba therapy dallas
ABA interventions begin with an evaluation of a child’s behavior to determine areas where he or she is struggling. For example, a child may have difficulty learning in the classroom due to the restricted conditions of the typical learning environment.

Increasing skills and positive learning tactics
By recognizing specific areas where children are struggling with learning and social behaviors, tools such as positive reinforcement can help to increase positive behaviors and reinforce life skills. The goals of ABA are achieved not only through one-on-one sessions with learning specialists, but also through parent and family education to continue positive learning tactics at home for greater overall success.

Utilizing data-supported analyses
Objective improvement is measured throughout ABA with a baseline taken during initial interactions with the child. This helps to narrow down the most effective learning techniques for each individual and create a more efficient process in managing behaviors.

ABA often has the most significant impact when interventions begin early in a child’s life, so you should not hesitate to connect with The Behavior Exchange if you suspect that your child has a behavioral disorder. You can reach us to schedule an initial consultation online or by calling (888) 716-8084.





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