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Experience Built from Passion

At The Behavior Exchange®, we’re honored to have over 20 years of experience working with children and their families. If your child has autism spectrum disorders, behavioral developmental concerns, or other special needs that could be keeping them from reaching their full potential, we’re here to help. Our early-start therapy and school-age programs are based on intensive positive intervention techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy).
The therapy we provide is personalized for each child’s needs and can include one-on-one sessions, group therapy, social skills groups and real-life training situations. Whichever program is best for your child, The Behavior Exchange provides a nurturing environment where they can truly flourish.

What Sets Us Apart

Therapy Plans

The Behavior Exchange understands every child is unique. We tailor therapy to the specific needs of your child, using the proven science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy). ABA therapy is an approach that utilizes interventions based on principles of learning and positive reinforcement. It works to improve behavior and skill level in many areas, including compliance, instruction following, reading, language and communication, sibling relationships, age-appropriate play, and social interaction, motor, and self-help skills.

Guidance & Support

Parents benefit from The Behavior Exchange, too. Our Parent Training sessions teach you basic ABA therapy techniques and how to use reinforcement with your child. The goal is to empower you with easy techniques that help to improve interactions with your child. Practice and repetition at home can help your child improve on their behavioral and skill acquisition goals even further, leading to an overall happier family life at home and when you’re out and about in the community – a win-win.

A Unique &
Personal Approach

You know your child better than anyone else, so our approach begins with listening. Once we get a better idea of the challenges at hand, we conduct a skills assessment and our findings are used to create a personalized treatment plan for your child. The plan is then put into action through one of our ABA therapy services. Most children begin in One-on-One Therapy and graduate to more advanced therapy. All of our services leverage our extensive, BCBA-designed curriculum that makes learning both fun and effective. Most importantly, we collect extensive data during each therapy session to ensure your child is making progress and always reaching their full potential.

Discover Our Expert Services

The Behavior Exchange offers wide-ranging ABA therapy services
to help children, families, schools, and even entire school districts.

Behavior Exchange Early Start (B.E.E.S.)

For early childhood enrichment, school readiness, and success.

One-on-One Therapy

Intensive, one-on-one attention to master prerequisite behaviors and skills.

Social Skills Groups

For school-aged children who need help making friends and other fulfilling connections.

Summer Camp

To give children the opportunity to learn and practice new skills all year long.

Parent Training

Learn basic ABA therapy techniques you can use at home and in public.

ARD/IEP Advocacy

Helping parents successfully navigate relationships with schools and teachers.

Educator Consultation

Providing supplemental ABA therapy services to meet challenges in the classroom.

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We Can Make a Difference!

We Can Make a Difference!

We have nearly two decades of ABA therapy experience, helping hundreds of children and their families. Every child receives one-on-one attention with a personal touch. Our incredible, friendly staff works patiently with children to ensure they reach their full potential. Early childhood development and intervention is critical to the success of your child, so it’s important to enroll today. Let us help you.
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