The Behavior Exchange BEES program

Behavior Exchange Early Start (B.E.E.S)

The Behavior Exchange Early Start Program is an early childhood enrichment and school readiness program designed for pre-school aged children. In B.E.E.S., children learn important skills designed to help them succeed in school and develop socially appropriate behaviors for interaction with peers.

B.E.E.S. Skills Include:

• Language skills
• Social skills
• Pretend play
• Motor skills
• Behavior skills
• Academic skills

How does it work?

• B.E.E.S. is group therapy structured like a pre-school or kindergarten. Each week is highlighted by a unique theme-based curriculum developed by The Behavior Exchange to encourage learning through fun activities, like circle time, music and movement, arts and crafts, and sing-a-longs.

• Heavy focus is on social, peer-to-peer interaction to help children make a smooth transition to school. The goal is to equip them with the necessary listening and communication skills they will need to be successful in a group social setting.

• Children learn about taking turns, following group routines, sharing, playing games, and communicating with one another. We also help them build foundational academic skills, such as learning about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, weather, the calendar and seasons, clothing, rhyming, and more.

• B. E.E.S. groups are usually limited to 2 or 3 children and led by one of our degreed ABA therapists.

Is it right for my child?

• B.E.E.S. is designed for pre-school aged children who have mastered basic foundational skills, such as instruction following, responding to their name, and motor imitation. They also possess basic language skills that enable them to answer simple questions, reciprocate greetings, and express their wants and needs.

• Children who may need help initiating conversation or play with their peers will also benefit from B.E.E.S.

• A child receiving one-on-one therapy may also have the opportunity to participate in B.E.E.S. activities with the help of their therapist. As a child masters skills on their individual treatment plan, we can and often incorporate small group activities to their therapy.

What can I expect?

• We make learning fun for children! Our therapists incorporate weekly themes, group activities, music, and games to help children build on their foundational language skills, social skills, and learning readiness.

• If your child starts B.E.E.S. accompanied by a one-on-one therapist, the goal is for that therapist to eventually “fade away,” so your child is able to participate independently and successfully in B.E.E.S.

• All Behavior Exchange therapists are closely supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to ensure children are making progress and achieving their specific goals.

• You’ll receive daily reports on your child’s progress as well as monthly session summaries. You’ll also be able to observe your child’s therapy sessions, meet with your child’s BCBA to discuss any concerns you have, and participate in parent training to learn how to apply ABA techniques at home.

• As a B.E.E.S. graduate, your child will have the necessary tools to successfully complete school activities and interact with his or her peers.

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