One-on-One and Group Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

If your child has attention deficits, autism, language delays, behavioral issues, learning differences, or any other type of special needs, The Behavior Exchange can help. Using ABA therapy and techniques, our staff has been improving the lives of children and their parents for nearly 20 years.

The Behavior Exchange offers individualized, early-start therapy and education programs for children of all abilities and ages. Whether your child needs one-on-one sessions, group therapy, or real-life situational training, the highly trained ABA therapist at The Behavior Exchange can help them reach their full potential.

We offer a variety of services, including:

Early Start (B.E.E.S): Make sure your child is prepared for school with the Behavior Exchange Early Start program, also known as B.E.E.S. Using a proprietary curriculum developed by our staff, your child will learn valuable prerequisite academic, social, language, motor, independence, and behavioral skills that enable a smooth transition into a typical learning environment like school.

Summer Camp: Do you want your child’s behavior to continue to improve over the summer months? With school out of session, our Summer Camp program can help your child make friends, communicate feelings, interact appropriately with others in various situations, and improve many other skills. We provide intensive treatment using ABA techniques to change their behavior.

Social Skills Group: If your child has trouble interacting with their peers and has a difficult time making friends, our Social Skills Groups are designed to help. We use special ABA techniques to help children create lasting friendships that start with strong social skills. The goal of the group is to improve a child’s social skills without making them feel pressured.

Let Us Help You Help Your Child

Are you frustrated and unsure where to turn? You’re not alone. We know how difficult it can be for parents to watch their child sit alone at the lunch table or be isolated from other children because of their lack of social skills. No matter what type of autism spectrum disorder, behavioral issue, developmental delays, or other special needs your child struggles with, The Behavior Exchange can help.

We help children of all ages and abilities, and we understand that it takes a concerted effort involving families, school, and other professionals to help a child improve their behavior. We aim to work with every child’s family and school to ensure they are receiving proper ABA therapy and learning techniques. If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact our offices located in Plano and Frisco. Call us, we’re here to help. 972.312.8733.

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