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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

For nearly 20 years, The Behavior Exchange has helped children with autism spectrum disorders, behavioral issues, developmental delays, and other special needs reach their full potential. Our ABA therapists also work with teachers and parents to ensure they are using the proper ABA techniques needed to help children improve their behavior.

Early childhood development is critical for the success of every child, and research shows that ABA is most effective early on in a child’s life. If your child has any type of special needs, they can benefit from ABA therapy now. To learn more about our ABA techniques and therapists, feel free to contact our office or stop by.

What is ABA and how does it help?

Applied Behavior Analysis focuses on the principles that explain the fundamentals of learning. Positive reinforcement has been shown to increase desired behavior, which in turn decreases problem behavior. The field of behavior analysis has spent decades creating techniques to increase positive behaviors and reduce negative ones. ABA is the use of these techniques and principles to dramatically change a child’s behavior and quality of life for the better. Everything The Behavior Exchange does is based on applied behavior analysis.

We utilize ABA to improve certain behaviors, such as:

• Compliance
Instruction Following
Sibling Relationships
Age-Appropriate Play
Social, Motor, and Self-Help Skills

Not only do we work with children, but we can also teach parents and school instructors how to use intervention techniques with children to further improve their behavior, as well.

ABA Services

Our treatment programs offer individualized, early-start therapy, and education programs for children of all abilities and ages. Whether a child has attention deficits, autism, language delays, behavioral issues, learning differences, or other special needs, our ABA therapists can help. All of our treatments are personalized to fit each child’s unique needs and can include one-on-one sessions, group therapy, or real-life training situations. Bring your child to The Behavior Exchange centers in Plano and now Frisco to see how we can improve your child’s life – and yours.

The Behavior Exchange Busy Bees

On a Mission

How The Behavior Exchange Helps Change Lives

Bees are known for their persistence, and so is the staff at The Behavior Exchange. It can take a worker bee more than 4,000 visits to flowers to make one tablespoon of honey, but the results are sweet.

We are on a similar mission

Help produce outstanding results for children who have behavioral issues. No matter how much time and effort it takes to help a child reach their full potential, our staff is invested in achieving that goal. Our work is intensive, and with a child’s family, school, and other professionals’ help, we strive to improve their behavioral difficulties. It takes patience, focus, expertise, and time—all of which we have at The Behavior Exchange.

It is worth the effort when we see children who have a variety of behavioral and learning differences develop a love of learning. We are motivated to turn every family into a happy family, turn children into successfully individuals, help parents feel empowered, and increase the effectiveness of schools. Below are reviews regarding our ABA therapists and treatment methods.

We can make a difference!

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