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Does your child find it difficult to interact with their peers? Do they struggle to make friends? If so, The Behavior Exchange can help. Our Social Skills Groups are designed to help children who have autism spectrum disorders, language delays, behavioral issues, attention deficits, learning differences, and other special needs create lasting friendships. We start by helping children create strong social skills that cannot only help them make friends, but feel confident about themselves, as well. If you are interested in determining if your child would benefit from ABA therapy and techniques, The Behavior Exchange offers consultations and individualized assessments. Please contact our office to schedule an assessment for your child!

How does it work?

Social Skills is group therapy designed for school-aged children who need help making friends and other fulfilling connections. Mastering social skills, such as responding appropriately to situations and empathizing with peers, are critical to a child’s success in large schools and classrooms.

• We group children who are developmentally appropriate for each other based on age, strengths, interest, and scheduling factors. As a result, various levels of therapy are available, focusing on everything from the basics to more complex skills. The goal is to maximize social opportunities for children that will also build their confidence.

• Our proprietary curriculum includes fun, age-appropriate activities to help children master conversation, sportsmanship, and friendship skills. Science, art, music, academic enrichment, technology, gaming activities, and occasional field trips are all used to motivate and engage.

• Children learn social skills directly from our degreed ABA therapists, as well as through the natural course of cooperating and interacting with each other. The group dynamic also teaches children how to respond appropriately to a group leader, which simulates a teacher/classroom setting.

Is it right for my child?

Social Skills is designed for older, school-aged children who are not struggling academically, but have difficulty interacting with peers and making friends. They have not yet mastered skills like self-monitoring, responding to situations appropriately, and relating with others.

• If your child is too young to participate in Social Skills, we can set up age-appropriate social situations in one-on-one therapy and provide individualized attention that will help them to develop and progress in the areas of cooperative play, sharing, and taking turns.

What can I expect?

• Your child will have fun as they are challenged in a low-pressure environment to learn and master valuable social skills.

• As a graduate of Social Skills, your child won’t struggle to make friendships anymore. They will have the social skills to successfully relate to their peers and make lasting connections.

• Our degreed ABA therapists lead and monitor all of our Social Skills sessions. They in turn are closely supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) to ensure all children are making progress and achieving their specific goals.

You’ll receive daily reports on your child’s progress as well as monthly session summaries. You’ll also be able to observe your child’s therapy sessions, meet with your child’s BCBA to discuss any concerns you have, and participate in parent training to learn how to apply ABA techniques at home.

Your child does not have to struggle to make friends after they join The Behavior Exchange’s social skill groups. We have helped children and their families for nearly 20 years, and each of our staff members are highly trained in ABA therapy and techniques. The Behavior Exchange also strives to teach parents the proper ABA techniques so they may continue to help their child improve outside of our center and school. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our social skills groups, please contact us at 972.312.8733.

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