Benefits of Social Skills Group Therapy

Many children struggle with social skill deficits or delays that can adversely affect their self-confidence. The social skills group therapy program at The Behavior Exchange is designed to promote healthy self-confidence in children by giving them the skills they need to successfully navigate social interactions. Children who participate in this program make new friends and work on cooperative skill-building activities. They engage in age-appropriate play, including gaming and technology activities. Our students make friendships that often extend beyond our center!


As with all of our programs, our social skills group therapy program is based on the scientifically proven techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA techniques can help children with autism, language delays, attention deficits, learning differences, and more.

If you would like to learn more about social skills group therapy at The Behavior Exchange, please call (972) 312-8733. We have been creating friendships for kids for many years and Dallas-area families see that our services can help their children overcome the challenges associated with autism and other developmental disorders.

Written By Tammy Cline-Soza, MS, BCBA





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