• Sleep Difficulties and Autism: What Parents Need to Know

    Compared to children without autism, children affected by autism have a substantially higher risk of suffering from sleep difficulties. This can lead to problems for the whole family, as a child who can’t get to bed or awakens frequently at night is apt to awaken the rest of the family as well. Since sleep is so crucial for […]

  • Eye-Opening Strategies to Decrease Sleep Difficulties in Kids with Autism

    A solid night’s sleep is essential for good health and quality of life, but many children with autism struggle to sleep soundly through the night. This can create problems for the whole family. If your child has been having problems getting to sleep or staying asleep, talk to an ABA therapist about effective solutions. Use […]

  • Understanding the Link Between Autism and Sleep Disturbances

    The inescapable need for sleep is one of the few characteristics that all humans share, but not everyone can get a good night’s sleep. Families affected by autism in particular tend to struggle to sleep through the night. There is a documented link between autism and sleep disturbances, but researchers are still not sure exactly […]

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