Finding Solutions to Common Homework Issues in Children with Autism

Homework can be a challenge in any family, and for children with autism and their parents, it can be particularly difficult. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to help your child with autism succeed with his or her homework, including using ABA therapy techniques learned with help from The Behavior Exchange. The next time homework is a battle in your home, consider using these strategies.

Determine if the Expectations Are Reasonable

In some cases, homework can be frustrating to children with autism because the way it is presented or the material is not appropriate for their needs. Look over your child’s homework to ensure that it really is achievable for him or her. If your child doesn’t already have an IEP, or individualized educational program, then it can be helpful to develop one with your child’s school, current teacher, and care team. If you already have an IEP in place and think that the homework doesn’t adhere to the program, make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss the assignments.

Create a Homework Schedule

Having a scheduled time to do homework is helpful for children with autism, but the right time will be different from child to child. Determine if your child does best with his or her homework right after school or if he or she needs a break to do a fun activity first. Selecting the right time and sticking to it can make homework feel like a more natural part of the day. Be sure to control other distractions, such as noise, during your designated homework time.

Seek Help from Your Therapist

Discuss your child’s homework issues with his or therapist to see if there are strategies that your child may respond to that you haven’t tried. The therapist can also help you decide if the assignments are reasonable and help you work with the school and teacher to ensure that your child has the support he or she needs to succeed.

The ABA therapists near Plano at The Behavior Exchange are ready to help you overcome behavioral challenges at home with proven autism treatments. To enroll your child in one of our programs, please call (888) 716-8084.





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