What Are the Causes of Autism?

The causation of autism is not 100% clear, but it is widely accepted that it is generated by abnormalities in the functionality or structure of the human brain. CT and brain scans of those with autism versus those without have been known to have different shape and structure. Various theories are being investigated, many of which are rooted in genetics and family history. Genetic mutations are being examined closely as there appears to be patterns of families who have been diagnosed with autism and similarly related disabilities over time. There are also studies that point to children having a susceptibility to autism but it is undetermined what the catalyst is for the progression.

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Environmental factors  have been studied intensely as well to determine what impact these factors have on increasing chances for the disease. Heavier doses of toxic heavy metals like mercury are more prevalent in modern society which correlates with the higher rate of autism diagnosis. These higher levels of toxins could impact a person’s ability to metabolize and cleanse the body, which in turn increases their risk to the disorder. Other signs point to certain substances that a mother ingests in utero as a cause. This also increases the chances for seizures, low IQ levels, sensory disorders and other side effects that can be associated with autism.

While there is still great discussion and debate over the causes of autism and its side effects, families all over The U.S. and abroad are looking for answers and ways to cope and treat the impact of autism on their day-to-day life.  The Behavior Exchange  has enlisted a team of experts who help families with training on all aspects of coping with autism and its impact. If you need guidance and support with your walk with autism please contact us for a consultation at (972) 312-8733 or visit our website. 

Written By Tammy Cline-Soza, MS, BCBA





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