Autism Spectrum Disorder: Symptoms Every Parent Needs to Know

There are three primary areas in which a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) might struggle. They are speech and language, behavior, and social interaction. However, not all children with autism will necessarily experience deficits in all of these areas, nor will they experience the exact same challenges within these areas. When a child begins to display the symptoms of autism , an ABA therapist can evaluate the child before developing a customized therapy plan to address his or her specific deficits.

Behavior autism Plano

Parents of children with autism may observe atypical behaviors in their child . Some children may have repetitive body movements, such as spinning or hand flapping. Others may display an atypical posture or seem awkward with physical movements. Many children with autism become unusually attached to a specific routine and may experience difficulty adapting to any changes in the routine. The same applies to their environment; children with autism may need to have their toys arranged in a certain manner. Some children with autism become fixated on one narrow topic of interest, such as train schedules or sports statistics.


It’s common for children with autism to experience speech and language deficits. These can vary widely in intensity. Some children may not speak at all or may have significant speech delays. Children who are verbal may have difficulty initiating, maintaining, and ending a conversation appropriately, and they may interpret abstract language in a literal fashion. Parents might notice that their kids have an odd rhythm of speech or tone of voice, or that they repeat the same words regardless of meaning and context.

Social Interaction

Social interaction can be difficult for children with autism. Though they may want to make friends, they may not understand how to do so. Some children with autism may prefer to play by themselves, rather than with others, and they may display little interest in what other people are doing. They may also have trouble interpreting body language and facial expressions.

Does your child display some of the signs of autism? You can find comprehensive support services at The Behavior Exchange , where it’s our mission to improve quality of life for families and to help children with autism symptoms reach their full potential. If you have any questions, call us at (888) 716-8084 or browse our website to learn more about our services, including individual and group therapy.





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