• A Look at the Symptoms Associated with Asperger’s Syndrome

    Do you have a child who rarely plays with others? Does he have fixated interests? Is it difficult to get him to make eye contact? If these scenarios sound familiar, you may have a child with Asperger’s syndrome. This condition is part of the autism spectrum disorder, and those with it often are high-functioning individuals. […]

  • Reasons to Choose The Behavior Exchange

    Having a child with an autism spectrum disorder can be challenging without outside help. Parents might do all they can to manage their child’s behavior challenges, but often professional assistance by a specialist in Behavior Analysis can prove to be the difference that will expand your child’s skills, reduce problem behavior and help them reach […]

  • A Parent’s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) affect children in many different ways. Children might only exhibit mild indicators of these neurodevelopmental disorders, or they might be severely affected. If you suspect that your child is having trouble meeting developmental milestones, have him or her evaluated by an autism expert. Keep reading for an overview of the main […]

  • What Is Asperger’s Syndrome?

    Asperger’s syndrome is a behavior disorder that largely affects a person’s social capabilities. This video highlights some of the common characteristics of individuals with this condition. People with Asperger’s syndrome typically fail to perceive social cues. For instance, they may not be aware that it’s customary to return the greeting of someone who says hello. […]

  • The Back-to-School Assignment for Parents of Special Needs Kids – Published by TACA

    By Lynne Arnold It’s time to get the kids ready for back to school with new clothes, a fresh supply of notebooks and maybe a cool new backpack. But what about you? Are you prepared for your special needs child to start school? Parents need to do their homework before school gets started. Even if […]

  • What You Need to Know About the DSM-V Changes

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, is a book used by mental health professionals and educators to classify and diagnose neurological and behavioral disorders such as autism. The new version, or the DSM-V, has undergone significant changes when it comes to diagnosing autism. If you are the parent of a child […]

  • Gene Therapy and Rett Syndrome: Article Published by Autism Speaks

    Article Published by Autism Speaks : The success of a gene-therapy study in mice has advanced progress toward a potential cure for Rett syndrome, one of the most physically disabling forms of autism. The report appears online today in the Journal of Neuroscience . Rett syndrome affects mostly girls. It produces a regressive form of […]

  • How Applied Behavior Analysis Works

    The Behavior Exchange is proud to offer education and therapy programs for children of all ages, including learners with attention deficits, autism, and behavioral issues. The Behavior Exchange was founded on the scientific approach to behavior change, called Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA. ABA uses positive reinforcement to improve behavior and encourage progressive learning. Children […]

  • Signs That Your Child May Benefit from Therapy

    The sooner a child starts therapy for disorders such as autism and ADHD, the better the outcome will be. Therapies based on applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques can help your child learn how to interact with others, follow instructions, and much more. If you’ve noticed any of the following issues, your child may benefit from […]

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