• The Perks of Early Intervention for Children with Autism

    Autism experts have long agreed that early intervention is critical for children with autism. Scientific studies have demonstrated that by enrolling your child in behavior classes that use applied behavior analysis (ABA) and other evidence-based practices, you are much more likely to see better outcomes for your child. If you feel that your child is […]

  • Tips for Preventing Wandering In Children with Autism

    Many children with autism wander off because they are simply curious and wish to explore a certain area or because they wish to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Parents can use prevention measures to reduce the risk of elopement and plan ahead to develop strategies of finding the child in the event that he or she […]

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders

    Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affect the way in which individuals understand and interact with the world around them. They typically affect two broad aspects of a child’s life: social interactions and communication. Individuals with autism often have difficulty understanding another person’s point of view. Furthermore, children with autism might have trouble expressing themselves and understanding […]

  • Exploring the Potential Causes of Autism

    Are people with autism born with a genetic predisposition to the condition, or are environmental factors a trigger?  Scientists aren’t sure exactly what causes autism, but there is strong evidence that genetics and environment each play a role in the development of autism spectrum disorders. Watch the video to learn more about the potential links […]

  • Elopement and Wandering In Autism

    Most parents would probably agree that keeping their children safe is of the utmost concern. For parents of children with autism , however, safety is particularly important. Children with autism can sometimes wander off unsupervised. Elopement is more common than you might think and it can be potentially dangerous for a child who has language […]

  • How Divorce Rates are Linked to Autism

    Autism affects nearly every aspect of your daily routine. From making breakfast in the morning to going to sleep at night, it takes constant awareness and attention from the individuals involved. This creates strain and hardship on families and their relationships, but does it affect marriage and divorce rates? Two recent studies have conflicting reports. […]

  • What Are the Causes of Autism?

    The causation of autism is not 100% clear, but it is widely accepted that it is generated by abnormalities in the functionality or structure of the human brain. CT and brain scans of those with autism versus those without have been known to have different shape and structure. Various theories are being investigated, many of […]

  • How to Help Prepare Your Child for His First Therapy Session

    It is common for individuals to be hesitant when experiencing the unfamiliar. For children with autism spectrum disorder, this hesitancy may manifest as fear or anxiety due to their need for routine. That’s why behavior analysis specialists recommend that parents be forthcoming with their children about their upcoming therapy sessions. By explaining this new part […]

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