• Spotlight on Our Initial Consultation and Assessment Processes

    Parents in the Dallas area who feel that their children need extra help or intensive intervention are encouraged to turn to our skillful experts at The Behavior Exchange. When you and your child visit us, we will conduct an initial consultation. We will discuss your child’s development and the challenges he or she faces, and […]

  • Spotlight on Precision Teaching

    Parents often bring their children to The Behavior Exchange because they are concerned about them falling behind in school or struggling with behavioral issues. Our therapists use precision teaching to help children master the fundamentals of important academic skills. In specially designed one-on-one therapy sessions, your child will learn how to expand those basic skills […]

  • Language Development In Children With Autism

    Many children with autism experience difficulty in language development . Many children that we work with begin therapy and are non-verbal.  Others have some language, but may not use it functionally. Others may be fully verbal but unable to relate to others and interact socially.  Our team is well trained across the spectrum of language […]

  • What Are Language Delays?

    Many children with autism and other developmental disorders exhibit signs of language delays. A language delay occurs when a child falls behind the rate of language development that is typical of his or her age range. Delays are not the same as disorders, however. A speech or language disorder refers to atypical language development. Children […]

  • Nutritional Tips for Children with Autism

    Children with autism often have food aversions. Some individuals might insist on eating only foods with a smooth texture, for example, or they may refuse green foods. This can escalate behavior issues which can complicate matters at mealtimes. It is possible for a child to overcome these behavioral challenges and learn to eat a variety […]

  • An Overview of The Behavior Exchange’s Programs and Services

    Here at The Behavior Exchange, our behavioral experts believe that we can help children overcome their challenges and reach their goals through a collaborative approach that involves families, teachers, and related professionals. We implement evidence-based practices utilizing applied behavior analysis (ABA) in all of our programs, including the following: Early-Start Program The Behavior Exchange Early-Start […]

  • Behavioral Intervention for Children with Autism

    There are several different types of intervention for children with autism that engage in problem behavior. Behavior Analysts will match the type of intervention with the level of severity of the problem behavior. The first line of behavioral intervention is to be proactive and teach new skills; this may include altering the environment, teaching effective […]

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