• Skills Your Child Can Learn from One-on-One Therapy

    The team at The Behavior Exchange customizes each child’s program to his or her needs and goals, which means each one-on-one therapy program is unique. However, the common areas that our therapists address include the development of language skills and social skills. Children learn to engage in age-appropriate play and develop their motor skills. With […]

  • Apps that Help People with Autism Communicate

    Children with autism often struggle with expressive language skills, or the ability to express needs, wants, and feelings. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices can help these children communicate. For example, a child can touch certain symbols, pictures, or words on an app to translate those words into speech.  We always encourage parents and teachers […]

  • Tips for Socializing with a Child with Autism

    Although each child with autism has unique challenges, it’s common for this developmental disorder to cause difficulty with communication and social skills. Many people aren’t quite sure how to interact with a child who has autism. When in doubt, it’s always best to talk to the child’s parents about the child’s challenges and how best […]

  • Benefits of Social Skills Group Therapy

    Many children struggle with social skill deficits or delays that can adversely affect their self-confidence. The social skills group therapy program at The Behavior Exchange is designed to promote healthy self-confidence in children by giving them the skills they need to successfully navigate social interactions. Children who participate in this program make new friends and […]

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