• Defining Developmental Delays

    Pediatricians and other early childhood experts use developmental milestones as a general assessment of how a child is progressing across multiple areas, such as behavior. If a child is falling significantly behind these milestones, it may indicate a developmental delay, which is not the same as a disorder. Children with developmental delays can benefit from […]

  • Talking to Your Child’s Teacher About Their Autism Symptoms

    Although parent-teacher collaboration is important for every student, it’s particularly important to work closely with the teacher when your child has autism or other developmental delays. Schedule a meeting early in the school year to explain what autism means for your child and how his or her teacher can be most effective in the classroom. […]

  • Exploring the Impacts of Bullying on Kids with Autism

    Bullying has significant and long-lasting consequences for any child; however, children with autism may be particularly affected. Children with autism may be bullied because they often have trouble with social skills and they may display other differences. Watch this video to hear the story of Abby, a young child with Asperger’s syndrome. Abby is an […]

  • Behaviors We Can Address In One-on-One Therapy

    At The Behavior Exchange, Dallas area families can take advantage of our customized therapy programs and behavior classes. Based on our assessment and observations, we may recommend one-on-one therapy for your child. During one-on-one therapy, some of the behaviors we can address include instruction following and compliance. Children with autism often have trouble following directions; […]

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