• Tips for Making Bedtime More Manageable

    Getting enough sleep can help improve your child’s concentration and overall well-being. Unfortunately, for parents of children with autism, this can be a struggle. Talk to your child’s pediatrician about an appropriate amount of sleep for his or her age range. Then, establish a set bedtime and wake time that follows those guidelines. It can […]

  • Parent Training at The Behavior Exchange

    The role of parents in a child’s life is essential. Parents are the most important teachers in a child’s life and have the power to help children interact in a meaningful way with the world around them. At The Behavior Exchange, we would like to ensure your child’s success and our parent training program is […]

  • Exploring the Benefits of Social Interaction for Children with Autism

      All children, including children with developmental delays, need to engage in social interaction regularly. Social interaction helps children develop vital skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, children with autism often experience challenges with social skills, such as initiating conversations with their peers or asking to join in a game. […]

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