• What Parents Need to Know About Language Delays

    When parents hear their babies coo or babble, they may not realize just how important those nonsensical sounds are to their children’s development. Well before infants verbalize their first recognizable word, they are learning and testing their language abilities in a variety of ways. Though children can develop their communication skills over varying periods of […]

  • What Are the Social Development Milestones for 2-Year-Olds?

    The developmental phase that parents often refer to as the terrible twos is just one aspect of toddler social growth. This video discusses what parents can expect from their 2-year-olds and how they can nurture their development. Toddlers are eager to demonstrate their independence, which is why they may become disagreeable at times. They also […]

  • Examining Our School Advocacy Program

    For your child to succeed in the classroom, it is essential that their behavioral and academic needs be attended to in a consistent and comprehensive way. The Behavior Exchange’s school advocacy program can see to it that your child’s classroom experience is a positive and supportive one. Our applied behavior analysis specialists can foster this […]

  • Pinpointing the Earliest Symptoms of Autism

    Autism experts are still looking into the reasons why this condition presents in some children and how it affects their development. However, many autism specialists agree that the earlier an autism diagnosis can be made, the faster that treatment can address a child’s symptoms. Knowing the early signs of autism can help parents seek help […]

  • When Should You Seek Help for Your Child’s Social Behavior

    Social engagement is an important component to healthy childhood development. Interacting and communicating with other children can help your child learn how to express himself and understand nonverbal cues from others. However, the following actions may indicate a behavior disorder for which you may want to seek the help of an applied behavior analysis specialist.  […]

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