• How Parents of Children with Autism Can Get Support

    When a child is diagnosed with autism, parents may feel as though they are alone in dealing with the challenges. While coming to terms with the diagnosis, it can be very helpful for parents to connect with community resources, such as an ABA school. Not only can an ABA therapist help children with the symptoms […]

  • What Are the First Steps in Beginning ABA Therapy?

    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is an evidence-based intervention for children with autism. It involves the application of the principles of behavior analysis, which is a way to understand how a person’s behavior can be changed. If your child has displayed signs of autism, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment with an ABA therapist sooner, […]

  • Building Self-Confidence Through Social Skills

    For children with autism, self-confidence is an area of particular concern. Children may be reminded of their limitations when they see typically developing children participate in activities that may be difficult for children with autism. For example, the symptoms of autism can include social skill deficits. Children may have trouble making friends and interacting with […]

  • Tips for Discussing Autism with Your Child’s School

    The signs of autism can affect a child’s academic progress. Children with autism may have a difficult time coping with the classroom environment, following the teacher’s directions, and working cooperatively with their peers. When discussing autism with your child’s school, it can be helpful to have a child advocate present. Consider visiting an ABA therapist […]

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