• The Impact of Autism on Communication

    There are a number of misconceptions that exist when it comes to communication skills in individuals with autism. Communication difficulties effects the way a child will acquire language and interact socially. Some children with autism actually have rather extensive vocabularies and speak in long sentences, but they are challenged by two-way conversations in which non-verbal […]

  • Focus on ABA Intervention

    Applied behavior analysis, or ABA, is a type of therapy that has been utilized in autism treatment for decades, and it is a useful tool in building positive habits that can help achieve success in the home, classroom, and community. ABA intervention may take place in individuals of any age, though it is most frequently […]

  • See How a Service Dog Is Changing Life for One Child with Autism

    There are many different types of therapy that can benefit children with autism, and one that this video highlights is animal therapy with the help of a service dog. In the video, you will meet one child with autism who was almost completely non-verbal and frequently had outbursts at home. After learning that service dogs […]

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