• What to Expect When You Begin ABA Therapy

    Applied behavioral analysis, or ABA, therapy is a powerful tool for teaching new skills to children with autism symptoms, attention deficits, developmental delays, and behavioral concerns. If you are planning to begin ABA therapy for your child, then there are several things that you can expect. Intake Session First, you will be interviewed by a […]

  • Why Parents Need Autism Training

    When you choose to place your child with autism in an ABA school, participating in parent training is an excellent and important way to help ensure your child’s success. Parent training helps empower you through teaching practical techniques that can improve the life of your child as well as the overall happiness of your family. […]

  • Understanding the Link Between Autism and Epilepsy

    Epilepsy is seen in about 25 to 30% of children with autism and in some cases, epilepsy may affect the autism and the child’s development. For example, if epileptic discharges are over the child’s language center, then this can prevent his language skills from developing. Watch this video to learn more about the link between […]

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