• Helping Your Child with Autism Transition into the Classroom

    Children with autism face many challenges in the classroom setting . Changing routines can inflict anxiety and social interactions can prove difficult. If your child is ready to go to school for the first time or you’re preparing for another school year, consider speaking with an ABA therapy provider about the transition. An autism specialist […]

  • How the Brain Is Affected by Autism

    Scientific studies continually add to the growing understanding about autism and the way it affects individuals. Researchers now know that autism is intricately linked to atypical prenatal development. In particular, researchers have identified areas of abnormal development in layers of the cerebral cortex of children affected by autism. These layers form during prenatal development. Abnormalities […]

  • Examining the Benefits of Our Social Skills Classes

    Many children with autism have difficulty with interpersonal relationships and socially appropriate behaviors. Here at The Behavior Exchange, we firmly believe that every child has the right to enjoy social experiences. Our autism treatment center encourages parents to enroll their children in our social skills groups. Here, your child will have the benefit of meaningful […]

  • How Intensive One-on-One Therapy Can Help Your Child

    No child with autism has exactly the same needs as any other child. An ABA therapist can implement a personalized therapy plan during one-on-one sessions. Intensive one-on-one therapy can help your child with autism develop a solid foundation of crucial academic and behavioral skills. Using the techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a therapist can […]

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