• Supporting Your Child’s Social Skills Development

    Autism can sometimes interfere with a child’s ability to make friends and feel comfortable interacting with others. Every child deserves to feel confident in social situations, as social interactions and emotional wellness are closely intertwined. With plenty of patience and persistence—and the help of autism therapy —parents can help their children develop strong social skills. […]

  • Facilitating Sibling Relationships When One Child Has Autism

    Since children with autism require plenty of their parents’ time and attention, siblings often feel left out. Siblings can be affected by conflicting emotions—they may feel protective of their brother or sister, but also jealous that the child with autism is getting most of the attention. To build strong relationships, siblings need some one-on-one time […]

  • FAQs About Our Parent Training Services

    The Behavior Exchange is an autism therapy provider that only uses evidence-based techniques to help children overcome social, behavioral, and academic obstacles. Our therapists use Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) techniques, which have been proven effective through years of research. Since ABA therapy is most effective when the techniques are applied consistently, we offer parent training […]

  • Tips for Working with Your Child’s Teacher on a Behavior Plan

    When your child with autism goes to school, working closely with his or her teacher on a behavior plan can be an important factor in his or her success. By making your child’s teacher a partner, you can ensure that your child’s experience at school is as positive as possible. Starting the conversation about your […]

  • Why Unproved Autism Therapies Can Put Your Child at Risk

    One of the biggest challenges that parents of children with autism face is the overwhelming number of untested, unproven autism therapies that are promoted on an ongoing basis. Trying these non-science-based therapies aren’t just potentially a waste of time and money for families. They can also put children with autism at risk for dangerous side […]

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