• Today’s word is: Natural Environment Training (NET).

    NET is a therapy method where skills are taught during natural settings, like everyday activities or play. The therapist follows the child’s lead and adapts instruction to their natural interests and motivation. The goal is to make learning fun and rewarding for the child. #Autism #ASD #AppliedBehaviorAnalysis #ABAtherapy #earlyintervention #thebehaviorexchange #PlanoTexas #FriscoTexas #DFW #Dallas #autismawareness […]

  • Prepare for the Holidays while Having Fun: Learn About Social Stories

    As the holidays approach many children are faced with events that are outside of their daily routine. For some children, this can be a difficult and stressful time. Many children with autism find comfort and peace in daily routines and when these routines are disrupted, they can begin to engage in challenging behavior. Social stories […]

  • Inside ABA Therapy Insurance: Top Tips for Parents

    Insurance can be a bear to navigate when it comes to the life-changing treatment of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. It wasn’t until last year that all 50 states finally had statutes on the books, requiring insurers to cover some level of treatment for autism spectrum disorders. Still, there are many differences in coverage from […]

  • Buddy’s Tips & Tidbits

    Praise your child more than you correct them. If you catch yourself constantly correcting or redirecting them to a more appropriate behavior, balance it out with praise. For example: Our rule of thumb is 4 words of praise and reinforcement for every 1 correction.

  • Word of the day. Oct 15, 2020

    LTM PromptingLTM stands for Least-to-Most. It refers to the method of assisting a child in completing a task or activity. An ABA therapist will start with no assistance and gradually provide prompting if needed. The idea is to give children the opportunity to complete tasks on their own. Patience is the key!

  • Buddy’s Tips & Bits

    Break down tasks into smaller ones that are easier to accomplish. For example: Washing your hands involves a lot of small steps. Turning on the water can be the first step your child can do by themselves. And be sure to praise them at each step!

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