• Prompt Fading Helps Children with Autism Become Independent

    Prompts are a part of everyday life. They provide clues or assistance on how to respond in a particular situation. The ding when you receive a new text message is a prompt to pick up your phone. The green light when you’re waiting at an intersection is a prompt to go. The instructions that come […]

  • Today’s word is: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

    ABA is a type of therapy that’s used to bring about meaningful improvement in specific behaviors, ranging from social skills, communication, and academics to adaptive learning skills, such as fine motor dexterity, hygiene, and grooming. Scientific evidence proves ABA is effective. As a result, ABA has become a best practice for treating symptoms of Autism […]

  • Recipe for Success: Making Mealtime a Positive Event for Children with Autism

    Eating is a daily activity many families enjoy together. However, for some children, mealtime can be an aversive event, one that causes unwanted behaviors. If your child refuses food, acts out during meals, is a picky eater, and/or eats at an inappropriate pace, you’re not alone. These are common mealtime challenges that parents can face […]

  • TBE Tips and Tidbits

    Find alternative behaviors for unwanted ones.For example: Instead of telling your child to stop jumping on the couch, instruct them to do something else, such as “Sit down,” or “Feet on the floor.” If they want to keep jumping, then redirect them to an approved physical activity.

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