• Explaining Autism to a Younger Sibling

    If you have a child with autism, explaining the diagnosis to your other children is one part of working together as a family. When the sibling in question is younger than your child with autism, this process can be challenging, as you will decide what information is appropriate to share at what point in your younger child’s […]

  • Finding Support for the Siblings of Children with Autism

    Each parent may have a unique reaction to a diagnosis of autism. Although the child with autism is still the same, sweet little boy or girl, the presence of autism symptoms does mean that he or she will need some extra help and attention. This change in family dynamics can be difficult for siblings in […]

  • How to Foster Strong Sibling Bonds with a Child with Autism

    Raising a child with autism involves special challenges for families. Parents must devote a significant portion of their time to addressing the needs of the child with autism. Often, this has a detrimental effect on the relationship between the child with autism and his or her siblings. Siblings can also be adversely affected by the […]

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