Finding Support for the Siblings of Children with Autism

Each parent may have a unique reaction to a diagnosis of autism. Although the child with autism is still the same, sweet little boy or girl, the presence of autism symptoms does mean that he or she will need some extra help and attention. This change in family dynamics can be difficult for siblings in particular. Each member of the family can find the support he or she needs at a family-centered ABA school that provides comprehensive autism therapy programs.

Watch Out for Signs of Autism autism classroom Plano

If your child with autism is older than his or her siblings, it’s particularly important to be mindful of possible signs of autism in the younger siblings. Siblings of children with autism do have a higher risk of developmental delays . Consider talking to your child’s pediatrician or ABA therapist if the younger sibling does not babble by 12 months or use single words by 16 months. Failure to make eye contact is another possible sign of autism, as is the sudden reversal of language acquisition. For example, the child may be developing typically in terms of language use, but then inexplicably begin to verbalize less.

Foster Strong Communication Skills

Communication is essential for strong relationships, however, siblings of children with autism may have difficulty expressing their feelings. They may feel too ashamed or embarrassed to tell their parents that the sibling is upsetting them. Over time, the failure to communicate and resolve the issue may lead to resentment. Encourage the siblings to freely share their concerns and feelings with you without responding in a judgmental fashion. Use observations to facilitate the discussion. For instance, you might say, “I notice that Jonah didn’t want to play trucks with you. That must have been upsetting.” Encouraging the sibling to freely communicate can help him or her to understand that these types of feelings are normal. Ongoing communication also provides you with opportunities to resolve minor problems before they escalate into major meltdowns.

The Behavior Exchange provides personalized therapy and parent training for families affected by autism spectrum disorders in Plano and throughout the DFW area. Our ABA school encourages sibling participation in our autism therapy programs to support their relationships with siblings with autism.





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