Spotlight on Our Initial Consultation and Assessment Processes

Parents in the Dallas area who feel that their children need extra help or intensive intervention are encouraged to turn to our skillful experts at The Behavior Exchange. When you and your child visit us, we will conduct an initial consultation. We will discuss your child’s development and the challenges he or she faces, and we will also talk about the short and long term goals that you have for your child.

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Next, our experts will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine your child’s unique needs across multiple areas of development. From language to motor skills, academics to self-help, our assessment yields important information that allows us to tailor a program that meets your child’s unique needs and propels them forward. We also can observe your child in his or her school environment to assess any developmental or behavioral issues that are impeding their learning and ability to be successful. Using our findings, our team will devise a customized program to address your child’s individual needs that will significantly change their life, and yours.

To schedule a consultation and assessment for your child, please call The Behavior Exchange of Dallas at (972) 312-8733. Our therapy techniques are based on the scientifically proven methods of  Applied Behavior Analysis  (ABA).

Written By Tammy Cline-Soza, MS, BCBA





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