Spotlight on Precision Teaching

Parents often bring their children to The Behavior Exchange because they are concerned about them falling behind in school or struggling with behavioral issues. Our therapists use precision teaching to help children master the fundamentals of important academic skills. In specially designed one-on-one therapy sessions, your child will learn how to expand those basic skills to improve his or her understanding of reading, writing and math.

Children's pleasure

At The Behavior Exchange, our program extends beyond our center’s walls. We will work with your child’s school and share effective applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques that can be implemented in the classroom to ensure success. To help your child reach his or her full potential, we also encourage parent involvement.  Working together as a team across environments sets your child up for success.

Parents in the Dallas area can learn more about evidence-based practices for autism and behavior issues by visiting us on the Web . You can also call (972) 312-8733 today to speak with a friendly staff member at The Behavior Exchange.

Written By Tammy Cline-Soza, MS, BCBA





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