Stay-cation for Spring Break:

Planning structured activities

Traveling may not be an option this year for Spring Break. But family fun is still on the agenda!

There are many ways that you can have fun right at home by planning structured activities for your family. These can include games, science experiments, treasure hunts, obstacle courses, art projects. Keep your child’s abilities in mind and then let your imagination run wild. 

Try these sights for some fun ideas:

• Structured Play Activities. Learn more.

• Indoor Games. Learn more.

• Arts and Crafts. Learn more.

Create a schedule for the week with one or two activities planned per day. There is no need to overdue it and run yourself ragged.

Remember to include:

  • Familiar actives as well as novel activities.
  • Inside and outside activities
  • Physical activities as well as calmer ones.

Steps for success:

  1. Prepare the materials needed in advance.
  2. Verbally establish the activity rules with your child.
  3. Provide them with assistance, as needed, to complete the activities.
  4. Stay flexible and adjust the activities as needed.

Spring is here and so is a week of family fun and great memories!

This blog entry was written by Brook Wheetley, BCBA





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